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Le Voyage, 8b+, Trad, Annot

For a long time I wanted to try this unique line. Last fall, just back from the expedition to India, I tried it for the first time on a short trip. Surprisingly, it already went great and I was able to climb the route toprope on the 2nd day. Thanks to the very warm winter in Europe so far, I found time in the first week of the new year to try it again. The plan was simple. Travel to Annot, check out the moves again and then climb it. But then it came a little different. Already on the way down I noticed that I was getting sick. With a lot of ginger and vitamins I could try 2 days the route and already make a good attempt from the ground. On the 1st rest day I felt really sick. In the morning of the 3rd climbing day I decided not to try because I felt really bad. It was also clear that nothing would happen on this trip because the weather was getting bad. In the late afternoon we went up to the crag to get a rope and the protection for the route, which we have deposited the day before. When I was standing under the wall, I could not accept to go home without trying it anyway. So I warmed up a bit on the hang-board and noticed that it didn't feel so bad. So I said to myself, just try it. Already in the lower easy part I realized that it was the right decision. Completely to my surprise, I was suddenly hanging on the slopers above the crux. Now I was really nervous. The last section is no longer very difficult but mentally demanding because you have to climb a wide runout on loose rock. With completely pumped forearms and the fear in the neck, I came also through this passage and could clip shortly before sunset the anchor. Quelle Voyage!


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